Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Babbling

Woot!!! Finally got time to blog. XD

Was supposed to blog before the semester starts but was down with fever... Sigh... Couldn't do anything but sleep, and sleep, and sleep, till the extent I think I've slept a bit too much that I started to feel dizzy when I stood up. And so I couldn't follow the rest to zoo. -_-''

But anyway, I've pretty much fully recovered by now already, despite the fact that everyone thinks I'm still sick and looked pale.

The semester has finally started. It was actually something I've been looking forward to since I'm kinda sick of doing nothing and thinking what to do and where to go to kill time. Hey, it's not like I have a choice right, since I don't get to stay in halls where they have activities and stuff. T_T

OK back to business. Had my first lecture on Tuesday. 3 lectures in a day, it was pretty hectic I think. Going to lectures is something pretty different than going to classes back in high school. For one, I'm not used to having classes with so many new faces. Seriously, I miss the time back in high school where I could just turn to the side/in front/behind and start talking crap with my friends when the teacher is teaching in front. Oh, the best part is definitely disturbing the others when they were trying to concentrate on studies. XD

I think it's just a matter of time before I would get used to attending lectures. OK scratch that, it's all part of being independent so yeah, I really had to get used to doing everything on my own one day. A day when I could shout out loud 'MERDEKAAAAA!!!' and declare my own Independence Day like Malaysia and Singapore~~~!!! *dramatic*

Tsk... That's really something difficult for someone who can't even decide what modules to bid for and what CCAs to join right? -.-

Anyway, I think after 7 months of vacation, I'm having a hard time getting my study mood back. I still find myself quite carefree despite the packed timetable. Didn't even bother to do revision even though I have doubts during lectures. Sigh... If this continues, I'm not sure whether I could even survive the mid-term test. -.-

Don't know what to blog about already, definitely not about orientation as I'm quite lazy saving it for the next time. In fact it's all random and pointless babbling. Sigh... Probably because I've been skipping dinner for the past 2 days and compensated by going for supper until the wee hours of the morning. Oh just yesterday, went out with a bunch of over enthusiastic people, walked all the way to SRC for half an hour just to watch meteor shower, and ended up in disappointment. -.- My nocturnal activities are not doing any good to my brain. @@

OK seriously gotta find something to eat.!!! *crawls*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Deep Fried Salty Pastry Rocks!!!

It's been a week I've settled down in NUS. So far so good I guess, quite an achievement for someone who has never been staying alone for more than say... 3 days?

It has been quite a hectic week. Busy with orientations, admin stuff, getting to know new faces, getting around Singapore and etc etc... Till the extent I couldn't get things done. It's bad enough that I'm obviously sleep deprived for the past week, which is hard to come by during the holiday, I even missed out 2 WOEs in a row. Imagine myself not going for the most happening event in RO. WTF??!!!

If you don't get it, it might not necessarily be a bad thing. Trust me, you might not even be slightly interested. XD

OK back to the orientation. This orientation is actually organized by the NUS Malaysian Student League (MSL), and is called the University Freshmen Orientation (UFO). Basically it's just like a camp and it's not really helping in getting us mentally prepared for the semester. XD All we've been doing is just having fun, and more fun. So naturally the holiday mood just kept sinking in, instead of fading away. Swt... But it's all nice, I mean, it's what orientation should be. In fact I enjoyed myself very much for the past week.

We were all separated to 6 Orientation Groups (OG) with funny names led by 2 seniors. It was fun to get along with all the members, despite we've just known each other for a week only. We went out together, had meals together, and talked crap together. Practically we did everything together. Well, except sleeping and the 'toilet' part. But you get my point right? Almost everyday our activities started before 9am and ended after 12am so we kinda spent most of our time together. And there are a few times we decided to go for supper despite all being tired, 'sticky' and 'slimy' after all the activities. Like yesterday we only came back at 4am after the supper. -.-

Sigh... how not to be sleep deprived?? >.<

Ah btw, presenting my OG... the 'Ham Chin Peng

Told you the OGs have funny names XD

Yes we actually took a photo in front of a stall selling Ham Chin Peng. And we bought some to eat. XD

Shall update on the orientation once I got the photos. Stay tuned...


Ham Chin Peng rocksss!!!!!

PS : Sounds wrong... Awfully wrong...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Touched Down

FINALLYYYYY with a capital 'F' and infinite 'Y', I've finally landed myself in Singapore. Phew...

It sure is a long journey man... 1 and a half year of brain wrecking and emotionally torturing exams, then take a 180 degree turn - almost 7 months slacking off ala a couch computer desk potato, now I found myself adapting to a new lifestyle. It all seems so surreal. XD

Forgive the long hiatus, but since I was gonna leave for Singapore, might as well dump everything including blogging and enjoy playing RO and going out for gatherings. XD

It's always been just a thought studying in NUS, living on-campus, situating in a foreign land where you're away from your family for such an extended period and that just about everyone you see is a new face. It was both thrilling and worrying. Now that the real deal is here, it's actually quite an experience, and good for me, it's a damn good one. (OK too soon to tell... WAYY too soon to tell... ) Don't really have to worry much so far, just enjoying the activities and making new friends, before the semester starts that is. Well, maybe worry about how to do all the cleaning and stuff. XD

Currently I've settled down in my residence, the Prince George's Park residences. The room was quite alright, and it's not really as small as that impression given by everyone. In fact I'm quite satisfied with the room. You know... smaller room = less cleaning. XD And the exterior of the residence, it's really impressive. Like high-end condos and stuff. Maybe I'll take photos of it after I get a camera or a new phone.


...the cluster I'm staying currently... is sooo unoccupied...

In fact I'm the only resident in that 15 rooms... *wind blows*

SOOO yeah... No neighbours... no one... all by myself... alone, a lone loner... all by himself... *leaf flew by*

I am so gonna apply to stay in hall for the next semester. -.-

But it's OK, I got the bathroom all to myself. XD

So far I've got to know a few people, well just a few. Just couldn't remember all of their names. Seniors were all very helpful and friendly, all of them had actually stayed throughout their semester break just to organize this orientation for the freshies, even by means of forking out their own money to pay for the accomodation and other living expenses.

And speaking of living expenses... Sighh it's really bothering me alot that I have to pay extra for the same thing I could get back home, and better ones for the food. I've been keeping track of every dolar and cent I've spent for the day, converting the price to RM, and making my own ledger. -.-'' Life sure is hard when the money you have has been depreciated by 2.5 times.

Alright, it's time to clean my room and unpack my luggage. Shall blog again soon. XD

Friday, June 19, 2009

In and Out of Lion's Den XD

Hello world! :D I've finally decided to make an update. XD

Last Sunday, my father had abruptly decided to go Singapore the next day to clarify some stuff in NUS. Yeah the next day. -.-'' We have talked about going to Singapore sooner or later but I didn't expect it to be THAT sudden. Didn't even get to plan our journey, what and what-not. =.=

But I kinda look forward to going to Singapore cause this is officially the first time I got out of the country. Well maybe not... I was told that I HAD been to Hong Kong and Singapore say... 20 years ago? Yeah before I was born. -.-'' But never mind that, this shall be the first time I'm leaving Malaysia. XD

And boy oh boy... I tell you it's like a freaking vacation goes all haywire. -.- Woke up at 6.30am to get ready to leave the house... Then drove ALL the way from KL to JB. With just only 4 hours of sleep cause went home at 2.30am from a yumcha session with the guys the night before uhh... I mean the mosquitoes, I just can't help getting myself knocked out in the car.

The journey lasted for about 4 hours, of which I'd driven for 2 hours after my dad couldn't take it anymore. XD We parked our car in JB and my dad's friend picked us up to Singapore after treating us lunch. His car damn nice wey... One heck of a rich uncle.

OK back to the trip... It was the first time I've gone through the custom and I must say... it was pretty cool. I mean it would be fun, I think, when the custom officers go through your passport, then look at you and you started to act suspicious and all. Like in the movie, you're smuggling something over. XD Of course I didn't do that. Was busy looking around and filling up forms and stuffs. Haha.

By the time we reached NUS it was already 2pm. So the uncle dropped us in NUS then we proceeded to the Student Service Centre to get our doubts clarified. My plan to visit the campus failed totally cause we still gotta make our way to the bank to ask about the TFL. Even so, we had barely made it before the bank closes. -.-''

Yeah and I didn't even take a single photo during the whole trip. -_-''

That's roughly about the trip. After the whole ask-around stuffs, we took the MRT to the uncle's office and waited there for a few hours for him to complete his stuff. He treated us again, for dinner and sending us back to JB. Haha really thank him for that. :D But geez... that few hours got me really anxious as I felt it was a total waste of time sitting there and doing nothing. -.-

And that night we drove for another 4 hours and reached home at 2am. -___-'' Basically I think it's a VERY unproductive day. Didn't even get to visit around. Sigh...

But I still got a rough idea about how Singapore is and stuff. It's nothing much different than Malaysia, just that it's more organized and obviously clean. The services are good, be it in the bank, the uni, the MRT station, taxi drivers, even in the food court, I think it's WAY better than most of them we had in BOLEH-land. But everything comes with a price... Just about everything is more expensive. Staying here for a week or two probably won't hurt much but anytime longer than that is definitely gonna be a burden. -.-'' Still... I got a feeling I would enjoy my stay here. ;)

Well perhaps it's a bit too soon to judge. Hoho... can't wait to go there again. XD

PS : Oooo UPU would be out tomorrow! Technically it's today but oh well... Probably I'll stick to NUS but... Sigh...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


YES It's finally happening!!! T_T

I've been waiting for this to happen for a whole two years. TWO freaking years... T_T

And no, I'm not talking about MU losing to Barcelona. It's not like I care anyway. :P

I'm finally free from the annoying little metal foreign object in my mouth. T_T Like seriously, it's like, I don't know, seriously the best thing ever happened this year, like you know, SERIOUSLY. T_T OK maybe after the end of STPM. But still...!!! It's still like seriously, the second best thing ever happened, like, SERIOUSLY...!!! OK I gotta stop using that, like seriously. XD

In case you still don't know what I was babbling about, I'm talking about taking off my braces. XD

Ahhh... It feels good to be able to lick the teeth without any obstruction after 2 years. XD

Now that it's taken off, it really saved me a lot of troubles and all, especially when and after having a meal. -.-'' Gotta be really careful or else the bracket may come off, and worse still, some embarrassing moment, if you know what I mean. -.-'' But I got my teeth straighten free of charge so no complaints there. :D

The thing is, now I gotta wear a retainer, and it's a hell luva worse than wearing braces. I couldn't even speak properly when I'm wearing it, it's like talking with your mouth stuffed. And it doesn't fit me properly, so it's hurting my gum badly. Gotta wait until July to get it fix on my next appointment. Sigh...

Until then, I'm gonna fully utilize my teeth, eat however and whatever I want, smile nicely ala air steward and showing off my teeth excessively (which explains the title). XD

OK I was kidding about the last part.

Better go get a mirror and practise my smile. :P Ciao...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holiday is Fun, Should be...

OK seriously, there are lots of stuff I wanted to blog about but when I really got to sit down in front of the computer (which is virtually the only thing I'm doing most of the time), I just couldn't resist going online and into a killing frenzy in RO until my eyes couldn't take it anymore. Heh...

First thing first, after Iko's unfortunate accident, Rob's brand NEW 3-week old car got into an accident a few days later. -.-'' Then my cousin got into an accident as well, which later turned into some kind of blackmailing from the other party asking for a rather unreasonable compensation. THEN my uncle pulak was robbed in broad daylight by an Indian fella asking for a lift to the police station cause he got into an accident. The bugger took a few hundreds ringgit and left only a punch on my uncle's face. -.-''

Sigh... Is this bad luck or what?

OK anyway, it's been almost half a year since STPM last paper, so I kinda got used of the holiday I'm having now. And frankly, even though I don't do much except RO-ing most of the days, slacking off, hanging out occasionally, and sleeping whenever I feel like, at the oddest hours you could think of, I seriously am STILL enjoying this kind of, what I would call, a 'schedule'. XD

Yeah sure, school was fun, I would miss school life alot, and working is not too shabby either (OK I probably judged too soon considering that I've only worked for 5 days), but it's the free time that gave me the freedom and determination (out of frustration for getting too bored sometimes) to just do as I please, without any restriction due to time constraint, and do some contemplations, you know like, wondering why the sky is blue, why my cousin sister just won't stop throwing tantrums, how to shut her up, and why the hell is it so fiery hot nowadays (no pun intended).

You know, it's not as bad as people thought it would be, spending your holiday this way. I mean, you don't get this kind of opportunity often once your uni starts, no? It's probably not gonna do much good to me, maybe. But if that's what I enjoy doing, why not? Especially RO.

Note to self conscience...

Sigh... I know it's a waste of time, but just lemmi waste the rest of the holiday in peace since I've already gone this far. T.T

I know it's wrong... Even my conscience is bugging me all the time. -.-

Well, uni's gonna start soon for all of us, and some even had started to settle down and get ready for their uni. That's another post for another day when I had the urge to pour out random thoughts of mine again. Phew... It feels good to write an ass long entry and just let your thoughts flow. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Adventurous Yumcha Session

It all started with the usual yumcha and 'blowing water' session...

...and ended up in a not-so-usual way.

So this is what happened...

Last Saturday, I went to the Teo Chew porridge shop not far away from my house with CK, Rob and Iko, a friend whom we got to know in RO. You know, just to talk crap and grab something to bite on. We enjoyed our food, yada yada for 2 hours plus then we bid each other farewell and prepared to leave...

The moment I went into the car and closed the door behind, then there's a loud thud and it shook everyone...

...and no it wasn't because I slammed the door too hard.

We kinda knew what happened... accident as per usual. Takkan someone else in the vicinity slammed the car door so hard right? It was already 2.30 in the morning and I was eager to get some sleep so I didn't bother to find out the situation and all.

And it certainly didn't occur to me that it was Iko who got into the accident.

CK and Rob got out of the car so I followed suit. We saw her car stopped by the side of the road, then a motorbike skidded to the other side of the road, and small pieces of metal and plastic fragments scattered all over the road, probably from the bike. Before we could get to her car, there were already many random passers-by gathering around her car.

And there's a workshop agent or something handling Iko a form to claim insurance and all that. So ngam 1. -.-'' Anyway, the biker was fortunately suffered only a minor injury on his arm and Iko escaped unscathed. The biker insisted it was Iko's fault while she was still dazed by how fast things unfolded.

Some Malay guys tried to calm the biker down for fear he might start a fight or something. In the end we all decided that it's best to make a police report, and they asked me to drive her Myvi. It was my first time driving a Myvi and plus, the side mirror was ripped off on impact with the bike, so it was kinda awkward but I made it anyway.

We spent another 1 hour or so to settle everything in the police station. After that, Iko sent her car to the agent's workshop while CK asked me to drive his car home so yeah, I drove a Honda Civic for the first time on that day as well...

...of which he drove it back after fetching me home of course. LOL

It was quite an 'adventure' that night. Everything happened so fast and till now I still have no idea who's at fault. Iko's car was already steered straight ahead and moving forward after she reversed her car out of the parking lot. Plus you know some bikers right? Like to swerve left and right, in and out of lanes at high speed. It was pretty obvious that it's the biker's fault right? But I'll never know since I didn't witness everything.

I was amazed at how calm she was throughout the whole thing. Somemore can joke around, after her car was scratched and dented like that. O_O Gotta give her credits for that.

And so that's the first time I've been indirectly involved in an accident and made a police report, driven a Myvi and a Honda Civic, and slept at 6am. Quite an adventure. LOL